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Exorcism by Gallows Pole

Released 20.04.2001
Adnan Davidoff - Guitar, Hakan Topcu - Drums, John a.b.c. Smith - Bass/Vocal, Zokk Milosh-Guitar


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Mar 26, 2014 09:26:31 PM
I like how the first song starts off with the melody of JP's 'You Got Another Thing Comin'. Astronomy Domine is one of the earliest and one of my favorite Pink Floyd tunes. It is done very well here. Some of these songs sound like the song 'Hebrew Kings', This is the direction I hoped Oz Fox would have morphed into with his band Sin Dizzy.
#1Enemy Maker
#2Turn of the fortune
#3Astronomy domine (Pink Floyd cover)
#5The man that was used up
#6Outta here
#7Soul Survivior
#8Freedom to fly
#9Waiting for Godot
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