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Songs From the Penalty Box Volume 7 by VARIOUS

Released May 19, 2009


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#1Anyone Can Dig a Hole But It Takes a Real Man to Call It Home - Underoath
#2Daggers - The Chariot
#3Chasing the Dragon - August Burns Red
#4Consume, Devour, Repeat - The Famine
#5Mad Man - Haste the Day, Haste the Day
#6Self Employed Chemist - Norma Jean, Norma Jean
#7I Am You - Demon Hunter
#8(Achilles) The Backbreaker - The Showdown
#9Vices Like Vipers - Oh, Sleeper
#10I Need a Space Ship (Instead I've Got Problems) - Inhale/Exhale
#11Dichotomy - Becoming the Archetype, Becoming the Archetype
#12Scottish - The Ascendicate
#13Avoid Me Like the Plague - Once Nothing
#14Voice Like a Nova - Sever Your Ties
#15Luxuria - Destroy the Runner, Destroy the Runner
#16Set Apart - Advent
#17Trip the Landmine - Trenches
#18Making Waves - Life in Your Way, Life in Your Way
#19On the Wings of Integrity - Mychildren Mybride, Mychildren Mybride
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