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Tsar Bomba by Bride

01 Industrial Christ 4:29
02 All We Are 5:10
03 Prokofiev 0:20
04 Love Shine 5:29 - studio version of previously released demo I Want To Know You
05 1973 0:27
06 We Are Together 4:39
07 Never 5:56
08 Separate 4:48
09 Nothing Means Anything To Me 6:04
10 Bach Minuet 0:58
11 Last Thing That I Feel 4:37
12 Chopin Nocturne In E Flat 0:33
13 Downward 5:52
14 Look In My Head 4:39
15 When I Was A Kid 4:15 - studio version of previously released demo Kid
16 Rhapsodie Für Eine Gitarre 5:01
17 We Are The People 4:03


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Aug 2, 2014 09:47:10 PM
I listened again immediately after my first listen. After that I listened again. It is that good.

Rest assured; this hits hard musically, vocally, and lyrically.
Rest assured, this is biblically accurate. Some very Godly lyrics and Christian encouragement.

Most would agree this combines styles throughout the years.
Musically my favorite track is 9.
Vocally and lyrically my favorite track is a tie, both 1 & 7 do it for me.
Track 16 is an acoustic tribute to Queen.

Some nice piano and acoustic guitar work. Even a few classical snippets sprinkled in from the likes of Bach and Chopin.

This was to be one of Christian Metal's Big 5 bands swan song album until they came out for one more (Incorruptible).

This did not bomb, but it is THE BOMB! Big Time!! Tsar Bomba, baby!

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