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System Updates!

It's been a while, but some cool things have been fixed / added this weekend! Here's what's new:

- You can now set a price / description on any albums you own from your profile. This is completely optional, but allows you to easily price your stuff if you are looking to sell. If other members are looking for albums, they will see members that have them for sale now on the album's page.

- Counts now appear on your profile for the number of albums you have and want. They are in the Tabs. Similar counts have been added to album pages to indicate how many members here have / want that album.

- Fixed some bugs related to updating a label. It was completely messed up, but should be better now. Also fixed a bug related to uploading a custom avatar.

- The front page Vault Manager list is sorted alphabetically.

- The site has a new theme and background, simpler, but should freshen things up a bit. Been looking the same for over a year now!

by solid | Dec 6, 2015 01:32:57 PM

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